How to Empty Trash on Android [Complete Guide]

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Looking for a way to clear trash on android to make more space. Well, this is the right spot where you can deal with your problem. This article is entirely based on how to empty trashes on your android smartphone. Here we have collected three proven techniques, which is helping you get rid of this problem. 

This article also focused on some additional issues often asked by people related to today's subject. Our only motive is to clear your all doubts related to this topic. There has been a lot of discussions. Let's gets started now.

How to empty trash on android with 3 effective methods

First of all, let me clear your doubts. There is no recycle bin available in your android smartphone so that you can remove your trash. Therefore, quit thinking about any recycling bin where you can go and quickly delete trash files. 

It is only because of limited storage, i.e., unlike the window's ample storage or MacBook, android can't provide more than 256GB storage. But don't worry about that, follow my recommended methods to get quick results.

Method 1. Clear trash using storage analyzer app

No doubt, this is a third-party app but let me tell you that you like most this app after using this. This is one of my favorite methods to clear unwanted files. In this app, by using only one click, you can remove your trash.

This app collected all wasted data from each app and file. After that, it shows you all collected data, and just by one click, yes, only one click erases your unwanted data. so, lets get started the steps.

Clear trash using storage analyzer app

  1. Open the play store app and type 'storage analyzer' in the search bar.
  2. Now, you will see many types of similar apps. You have to click on this. Look at the picture.
  3. Install and open. It will ask for access to your file app. Click on allow button.
  4. As soon as you'll see in the upper part, it started to collect the cache or trash files from different locations.
  5. After that, it will show how much data had stored in the form of cache, or you can say trash.
  6. Finally, click on 'clean, and you'll wonder after just one click, it deleted all unwanted files.

Some extra features of the app related to this article.

Using this app, you will see which app or folder stores how much data, and you can delete it one by one.  I want only that you could get so many benefits of this app that you don't know. I'm telling you with my personal experience it will help you a lot.

Let's move on to how can you get some extra benefit from this app.

Some extra features of the app related to this article

Some extra features of the app related to this article

  1. Open the app and little scroll down your screen. It will show the distribution of data where it takes place.
  2. On the spot, slide your screen to jumps in 'Drive usage'. It will be displayed storage data location wise. 
  3. For better understanding, let's take an example.
  4. As you can see in this picture, which folder how much consumed data. If we wish to go inside a particular folder to see ingested data, then go ahead as I'm going.
  5. Click on the yellow part of a particular folder, Now you'll get to see all subfolders how much data is consumed.
  6. You can also jump in 'Directory files' to delete a particular file. 
  7. Click on the folder you want to delete. The next little long press on the file will show you the delete option, and there you can delete it. 

Now you have known the benefits of this app. Let's move on to the second method to empty your trash files.

Method 2. Delete trash or junk files in Gmail

In the Android OS apps, create its trash as we'll look in the Gmail app.
Go along with these steps.

Delete trash or junk files in Gmail

  • Step #1: Open the Gmail app. Tap on three horizontal lines at the left corner.
  • Step #2:  As soon as it will display you a drop-down menu. Scroll down and click on trash. 
  • Step #3: Tap on empty trash now.
  • Step #4: It'll show you that your conversation will be permanently deleted. Press on empty.
  • Step #5: Now your trash has removed permanently.

Method 3. Precise cached data using settings

Cached data is a temporary file created by the apps. When we open an app, the amount of time it takes to open the app makes its cached data. In that cached data, the app icons are saved so that when it is opened again, it does not take much time.

But sometimes, this cached data consumes a massive amount of data causes your phone performance to slow. And you need to remove it.

You can delete this data to free up storage. However, apps will create it again.
In different android phones, the interface of settings might be different, so I'll show you three other brands in which you can delete the cache quickly.

Clear cached and trashes in vivo mobiles

Clear cached and trashes in vivo mobiles

  • Step #1: Go-to Settings. Scroll down, find and click on 'Ram and storage space'.
  • Step #2: Now tap on clean up storage space.
  • Step #3: Here, you'll get to see many options for deleting trashes, such as duplicate files, rarely used apps, reductant large files. You can choose any option to clean up.
  • Step #4: Little scroll down and tap on empty trash.
  • Step #5: Now, with only one touch, you can delete the all-trash files.

Delete cached data in realme and oppo phones

Delete cached data in realme and oppo phones

  • Step #1: Go to settings. Scroll down, Find app management option, click on it. 
  • Step #2: Click any particular app.
  • Step #3: Tap on any app, then further click on storage usage.
  • Step #4: Now, you'll be able to see cache data consumed by the app, tap on clear cache.
  • Step #5: Now this is done. You can do the same thing with each particular app.

Precise cached data in Samsung smartphones

Precise cached data in Samsung smartphones

  • Step #1: Open the setting app. If you want to delete cache from each particular app, find the 'application' option; otherwise, you can delete it all once through the 'storage' option.
  • Step #2: Tap on storage. And it will show you all cached data.
  • Step #3: Now tap on cached data.
  • Step #4: Tap on delete and, It will be deleted.

Method 4. Deleting trashes in the gallery.

In the gallery, whenever you delete any photo, photos don't delete permanently. It saves in the form of trash in the gallery.

If you want to delete it, then go along with my instructions step by step.

Deleting trashes in the gallery

  1. Go to the gallery app. Scroll down, and you'll see a recently deleted photo.
  2. Tap on it and select all and delete it.

FAQs related to empty trash on android

1. My storage is full even after I cleared all the trash. Why?

This problem will happen only when your phone hasn't enough space. In this case, you should have to use a micro-Sd card that provides more storage on your device.

2. Should you use a trash cleaning app on android?

No, it not necessary to use a third-party app to clean trash. You can go with your app, find trash folders and delete them. But one more thing, if you don't want to face any problem then install my recommend app 'storage analyzer'. This app helps you a lot to quickly empty your trash file. I have talked about this in the upper section.

3. How do I empty the trash on my phone?

There are various types of methods to empty the trashes on your android phone. You can delete the trashes by going inside the app like Gmails, Google photos. In the app, find the trash folder and delete them. By the way, I have already told you how you can remove the trashes by going to Gmail and Gallery.

So, in this article, we have told you different types of methods to empty trash on your android phone. And tell me in the comment section which method you're going to use.

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