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what is the full form of india

What is the Full Form of India

What is the full form of India? India has no official full form because it is not an acronym (short form) it is a word derived from the name of a river called indus river and also known as Sindhu in Hindi and has been used in the 4th century BCE in Greek.

generally, India does not have its full form but many peoples have created a lot of amazing and unique full forms of the word India.

You Can Find Below Some Unique And Meaningful Full Forms Of India.

  1. INDIA - Independent Nation Declared In August.
  2. INDIA - Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area.
  3. INDIA - Inclusive Nation Distinctively Intelligent in India.

Who Named India?

In the 9th century, the word India appeared in the old English dictionary, and in the 17th century, it reappears in modern English as today. 

when the Greeks came to attack India they are calling it indoi and when the Britishers came to India for trade, I think they don't like the present name Bharat or they have problems pronouncing it. so, they call us Indian, and they named us Indians.

so, the overall conclusion is India has no full forms it's just a hype created by some people because many countries have their full forms like the famous USA - united states of America, UAE - united Arab emirates, etc. so, don't confuse India with full forms, hope you enjoyed it comment down below what are your opinions about having a full form of India or not.

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