What happens when you block a number on Android [2021 Guide]

What happens when you block a number on Android

You blocked someone and desire to know what happens with him now. What if I block somebody, will be able to talk with me or send SMS even after blocking? If these questions arise in your mind also, this article is for you.

So, today in this article I’m going to tell in a very simple way, What happens when you block someone.  Read the article to know everything about the blocking process and what happens after it.

What happens if you block a number on the Samsung Galaxy S9

There are lots of people who talk to you every day using calls, messages, social sites, etc. And we know this technology brings a revolutionary change in the world.

We can call anyone whether it is near you or far away. We talk with numbers of people every day but sometimes happening what, a person with unknown number or credit card companies whoever is, calls you and start troubled you even you have told them, this is the wrong number I’m not the person you called, still he annoys you, and finally, you have the only option and that is blocking.

Yes, telecom companies provide a feature that we able to block anyone, blocking enable the person can’t call or sent messages if he/she annoying you.

here one more thing you must know even though you blocked him, still you can’t stop the voicemail. The voicemail messages will come sure on your phone.

Do you ever try to know what happens with him after blocking, I tell you? A blocked person will no longer contact you through calls and SMS until you unblock him. Let me tell you what happens with the blocked number.

For better understanding let’s take an example of it. 

Suppose you blocked me, now I wish to call you, as soon as I’ll call, I  get to hear, you’re busy or voice mail is activated. Now I have only the option is to send a voicemail message. The voicemail SMS will reach you after rejecting of call. you can ignore it otherwise listen to it.

But as what happens with the number, I couldn’t reach you, I clear your doubts.

When the number I called, it went in your mobile and searched that it is present in your contact or not if present then it checks in blacklist exist or not, and if found exist, the call automatic rejected.

Yet one more feature having us. Even though you block the number that disturbs you but in case if you want to make a call him then you can, even messages except for that person whom you blocked.

What happens when you block a number on WhatsApp?

What happens when you block a number on WhatsApp
WhatsApp, one of the greatest messaging app or you can say greatest social media app where we make calls, chats even video calls. We can make a familiar group here and able to chat with all at once. 

Here also, we get to see the blocking feature which means if any person who troubled on this platform too, you can block him here also. Still many types of questions will arise in your mind such as would be able to send messages to me or would he see my status also.

I will tell you what he is unable to do, I’m going to share with you seven things that happen with a blocked person on WhatsApp.

1. Sent messages won’t be delivered: - if you block someone on WhatsApp you won’t be able to see the messages sent by him.

2. Read receipts will disappear: -   if the person tries to send any message to you, he won’t get the blue ticks even unable to see your status also.

3. Can’t call you too: - the person whom you blocked cannot send messages, pictures, videos even cannot make any video or audio call if even he tries to do this, the message won’t deliver.

4. You too can’t send SMS or call before unblocking: - not only the blocked person but you also unable to call him or contact him anyway until you unblock him.

5. Your profile gets invisible: - if you have blocked someone then he won’t be seeing your Dp(profile).

6. Couldn’t track last seen messages: - the blocked person can no longer see your last seen messages.

7. Group chats will not be affected: - even though he cannot able to sent messages personally, but if he is present in your any group then he can make the chats.

In case you change your mind and decide to unblock the person, you can make it. But remember one thing messages will not recover whatever he sent you when he was blocked.

finally, you would have known everything about what happens when you block a number on android or WhatsApp, or Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

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