If I don't use a computer for 2 years what will happen to the computer

If I don't use a computer for 2 years what will happen to the computer

Want to know? If we don't use a laptop or a computer for 1 or 2 years what will happen to the computer. Then, this article would be fascinating for you. 

Nowadays computer has become a part of our daily life. We do different types of tasks on the computer, such as playing games, listening music, office works, etc. 

In this article, you will exactly know what if I don’t use my computer for about one or two years. The same question arose in my mind a couple of years ago. I wanted to know that. So, Immediately I search on google about that topic but not enough information I found on google. 

This was a curious subject for me and you, so I researched the whole internet about this subject, and I found some in-between answers on sites like Quora, Reddit, etc.

We concluded all information from these sources and made this article more informative by adding some extra information related to this topic. 

So, let’s begin

5 types of problems may occur with your computer

Here are the problems may occur with your computer or a laptop after not using for several years.

1. Monitor Display Problem

After too much time, the monitor screen could not show anything. If we start the computer, the light will not appear on the monitor.

2. Battery Dead

There is a battery present inside the CPU named as CMOS will go dead, and your system will be unable to start. 

3. Motherboard Issue

The motherboard is the most crucial part of your laptop or computer. Without it, the computer is like a big box that doesn’t do any task or doesn’t even turn on. There might be some problems with the motherboard if we don’t use our computer for a long time. 

It will not work correctly, which causes your pc not to start. In some rare cases, the motherboard gets damaged, and we have to change it to boot our computer.

4. Problem with Capacitors

The capacitors present inside the CPU or laptop may also be damaged and need to change in case you start the computer.

5. PC might loose Stored Data

Your data stored on the pc may be lost. If your computer storage is on SSD, definitely your all data will be erased. Because in SSD drives, data can no longer present in your computer. After a long duration of time, data starts to erase automatically in SSD drives. 

But if your computer has HDD drives, then your data will be safe in only one condition if any powerful magnetic stuff had not been present near the computer. HDD drives contain a magnetic disk, and if a powerful magnet comes near the disk, data will start to erase.

6. Ram Problem

The settings of PRAM might be corrupt. PRAM gives power to the clock, and when it lost its charge after a long time which causes the watch not to show proper time or maybe that's not work. 

How can we start the computer after a long time?

If you leave your laptop or pc shut down for a long time, then many types of problems might arise that we have already discussed in the upper section.

It also depends on the place where you had kept your pc. If you had placed your pc in dusty areas, dust would have affected your computer parts.

Simple methods to start the computer After a Long Time

Many computer experts says. It can be repaired by some techniques mentioned below step by step. You have to follow these steps to starts your computer again.

  • Step #1: Replace the battery first, and don’t forget to clean the dust from all parts.
  • Step #2: Now check the monitor screen by plugging it in.
  • Step #3: If monitor display doesn’t show anything, plugged out open the CPU box.
  • Step #4: Pull out the RAM carefully and clean it with some tissue or any cotton cloth.
  • Step #5: Now insert the RAM after cleaning and switch on the whole system.
  • Step #6: Now your computer will start. 

In case if it doesn’t, you will have to go to the nearest pc repair shop.


You would have understood what happens with a pc when we shut it down for a long time. If still, you have any query related to it, you can ask me in the comment section. If you liked this article, share it with your friends and relatives and let them know about this exciting subject.

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