Full Form of Computer and Definition [Latest 2021]

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Full Form of Computer and Definition

The word computer is not an acronym. It's a word but, many people have made their full forms. Some of the meaningful ones are below.

  1. C - common
  2. O - operating
  3. M - machine
  4. P - purpose
  5. U - used for
  6. T - technological and
  7. E - educational
  8. R - research

What is computer in short?

a computer is just a machine that is used for calculating big data in seconds which a normal human being takes a lot of time to calculate.

Charles Babbage is considered to be the father of computers. he was an English mathematician born on 26th December 1791 in London in England. he makes the first automatic digital computer that was a type of analytical engine. The first automatic digital computer was [the Atanasoff- Berry (ABC). Charles Babbage works on it until his death. he died in 1871 on 18th October.

you know something, don't forget about pocket calculators. these are the basic type of computer which we can carry in our pockets and these are the first portable computers which we can carry because in the older times computers were very huge and bulky. 

they don't have microchip processors like nowadays computers have the first-gen computers are consist of vacuum tubes which are used for logic circuitry as of 1939. they need a lot of space to do the same thing that our pocket calculators would do in the present day.

do you know? the first laptop computer was made by the company called Seiko Epson in July 1981 which named Epson HX-20 this portable machine is invented by Suwa seikosha's Yukio Yokohama.
in las Vegas, the first portable handbook or laptop is introduced in the COMDEX computer show in 1981.

We know that personal computers made a revolution in human history because, today computers are not only performing calculations but, doing far beyond that. You know what I am talking about but for now, it’s enough for you and me next time we will talk more in-depth about computers later. 
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