Why SSD is so Expensive than HDD [Latest 2021]

Why ssd is so expensive than hdd

The biggest reason why SSDs are so expensive is that the flash memory it uses to store data comprises integrated circuits. The most money is spent on designing them because they are designed by human hands. which takes a lot of hard work to design. 

Why are SSDs still so expensive?

Simply SSDs are non-volatile memory. It is the memory that stores data even after you shut down your pc. It is based on flash memory. Flash memory is of two types i.e. NOR flash and NAND flash. NAND flash used most in present technology.

The NAND flash uses a floating gate memory cell that reads and writes data very fast.

The data storage in SSD is semiconductor memory chips, and we call it integrated circuits. The tiny floating gate memory cell is present inside the integrated circuits, which store the data. These cells are made up of millions of transistors, resistors, and capacitors.

So, you can say all of these are subparts of integrated circuits. These millions of subparts have to be designed and fabricated by hand, and it takes a lot of focus and hard work. Due to this, the making cost becomes very high.

The Faster speed, which we get in SSD only because of these millions of subparts. That's why its making cost always goes up. Some software tools also help to design them. But, it's still a hard way to do it.

Why SSDs are faster than HDDs

If we talk about HDD, they provide more storage space at a low price. Because they are not like SSDs, HDD consists of rotating magnetic disks, which always rotate when it works with the computer. 

The speed of reading and writing on the HDD rotating disk's speed gives a limited data speed. But, it can not outperform SSDs. If someone has a Hard disk drive in their computer, then it takes more time to boot. But, if someone's computer has an SSD, then his computer takes a matter of seconds to boot because all the subparts of the integrated circuit perform simultaneously, due to which its speed increases enough to beat HDD.

Why SSDs are getting popular

The reason behind this drive's popularity is how everyone knows, but we will show you what exactly makes it so popular.

1. Incredibly Faster

Compare to HDDs, it gives a breakneck speed from which the booting time of your computer goes very low, which means your computer starts in just a few seconds.

2. Comes with new technology 

HDDs uses quite old technology consisting of a magnetic disk rotating in a metal case. On the other hand, SSDs doesn't have any moving parts. It is based on integrated circuits.

3. Makes your battery happier 

Because it is wholly based on integrated chips and it doesn't have any moving parts like the Hard Disk Drives, that is why it doesn't need much power to function.

4. The life span of SSD

we Know it is so expensive compare to an HDD. But, the life span of this drive goes up to 10 years maximum, and if you want to know the average, that is about five to seven years that the company says.

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