5 Easy ways how to block sbi atm card [Updated 2021]

how to block sbi atm card
Today in this post you will learn about how to block your sbi atm card from different methods. If your sbi debit card is being lost or stolen by someone and if you want to block it then you can easily block it by following our instructions which is given below.

1. How to block sbi atm card offline by your phone

In this online era, you can also block your SBI atm card offline, which is very beneficial for older phone users. Below you can see the steps.

  • Step #1: Call 1800112211 from your registered mobile number, hear the call carefully.
  • Step #2: Then press-2 for blocking your card as it being told.
  • Step #3: Now enter your last 5-digit bank account number.
  • Step #4: Now a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Step #5: After few seconds, you get a message, and your card will be blocked.

2. Block card through sbi website

Have you ever created a username and password on sbi official website onlinesbi so, from there you can also block your ATM card by following steps below.
  • Step #1: Go to the official website onlinesbi.com.
  • Step #2: Login with your username and password.
  • Step #3: Click on ATM card services then click on block ATM card link shown in e-service tab.
  • Step #4: Select that account in which you want to block your ATM card.
  • Step #5: Your all active or blocked cards will be show with first 4 digit and last 4 digit numbers.
  • Step #6: Select that card which you have to block.
  • Step #7: Then click on submit, verify your details and confirm.
  • Step #8: Select the mode of confirmation either as otp or your profile password.
  • Step #9: After entering otp or password click on confirm.
  • Step #10: Now a successful message will be sent with a ticket no. which means your card have blocked now.

3. Block Your Sbi Atm card by sms

If you want to block your sbi atm card without any phone call or without doing any online methods so don’t worry I have one of the simplest ways to block your card. All you need is your registered mobile number then, you can easily block the card. Follow these simple steps.
  • Step #1: Send this SMS “BLOCK<SPACE> LAST 4-DIGIT ATM CARD NO.” to 567676.
  • Step #2: Once you send it, then blocking process starts.
  • Step #3: You will get a confirmation message in a few seconds.
  • Step #4: Now your card is blocked.
  • Step #5: For future reference note the SMS in which ticket no. date and blocking time is written.

4. Register Your Mobile Number with Sbi Account

But, in case if you not registered your mobile no. then you can follow these steps to register your mobile no. 
  • Type REG<SPACE>your SBI account number, and send it to 09223488888.
  • Now your mobile no. will be registered with your SBI account no.

5. Block sbi atm card by yono app easily

State bank of India has its own app called YONO And if you already use it, then you can block your sbi card also from here. Follow these steps carefully.
  • #1: Download and install YONO app from Playstore.
  • #2: Now login to YONO app.
  • #3: Click on services request which is below the quick links.
  • #4: Now click on block ATM/DEBIT Card.
  • #5: Type your Internet banking Profile Password and submit.
  • #6: Select the account no. Through which you use it to block.
  • #7: Now select that card which you want to block.
  • #8: Then, choose type of block either temporary or permanent and click on next.
  • #9: No step 9 You successfully Blocked Your SBI Card.
So, from this article you had known all the methods to block your sbi atm card. now you can comment your feedbacks and suggestions below, i hope you like it have a good day.

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